Our Story

About Us, Elaine Figures is the Founder of Juices by Elaine, a Juice Boutique in Grand Rapids, Michigan that offers delivery to the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Juices by Elaine produces and delivers high-quality, premium fruit and vegetable juice that is made-to-order by hand and delivered the same day.

Hi there! I’m Elaine Figures, founder of Juices by Elaine. As a mother of four and lifelong resident of Grand Rapids, but hailing from South Haven, I am very familiar with the West Michigan community.

I’ve been part of the local food and hospitality industry for over 20 years, and began juicing for my own personal health six years ago. Since producing my own juices, they’ve always struck a chord with my family and friends. When the COVID pandemic hit West Michigan in 2020, I started bringing my juices to my workplace, and received a great deal of praise from my coworkers as well. That’s when I decided to jump in and open my own juicing business: Juices by Elaine.

Juices by Elaine is a registered, black woman-owned juice boutique ready to serve you and your whole family. Our goal is to provide each customer with a delicious, healthy and homemade juice that can be consumed for any health reason or nutritional preference without worry or regret. That’s why I love them — you can never go wrong!

As you find yourself ordering, rest assured I will deliver the highest quality juice product. I use the freshest produce and taste test every batch of our juices to ensure the proper product.

Be sure to follow Juices by Elaine on Instagram and Facebook. Leave me a comment or message me personally with any question or concern. Big things are ahead and we’re so lucky to have you HERE for the start of it all!

-Elaine Figures, Founder

Elaine Figures, Founder